Frequent Faults:

Washing machines: leaks, no centrifuge spinning, no water fill, no softener absorption,
excessive machine movement, no regular spinning, broken door or lock…
Dishwasher: faulty cleaning, water leaks, no water filling, power switch trips, stops in mid
programme, lack of drying…
Dryers: stops, no heating, no spinning, slow drying…
Boilers: gas leaks, water leaks, insufficient heating…
Ovens: No heating, power switch trips, broken glass or door…
Fridges: no cooling, no freezing, water leaks, excessive cooling, excessive noise…
Air conditioning units: no cooling, no heating, stops working, excessive noise, water leaks,
excessive power consumption, power switch trips, blows insufficient air…

Most Frequent Solutions:

Washing machines: unblocking of dirt obstructions, changing motor brushes, shock absorbers,
rubber washer hatches, dispenser drawer, exit bellow hose, locks, doors, hinges, etc.
Dishwashers: fixing of leaks, changing of motors, electric resistances, thermostats, circuit
boards, etc.
Dryers: changing of belts, electrical resistances, thermostats, interior cleaning, etc.
Gas boilers: cleaning of injectors, changing of membranes, body water, etc.
Ovens: Changing of electric resistances, fans, oven switches, clocks, etc.
Fridges: changing of thermostats, circuit boards and compressors, recharging of gas and liquid
refrigerant, fixing of doors and hinges, etc.
Air conditioning units: leak location, recharging of refrigerant gas, change of compressors,
probes, thermostats, circuit boards, cleaning of filters and batteries, etc.